Searching for protologues

The emonocot Content Team aims to gather protologues for all slipper orchids. While we are prioritizing currently accepted names, we also intend to gather and make available protologues for as many synonymised names as possible.
Much of the older literature is available online through digitization projects such as the Biodiversity Heritage Library, and for these we have gathered links (stable URLs) to the first page of each protologue. These links will become available in the Nomenclature Block on the Cypripedioideae site in the coming few weeks. Many of the texts not already available online are being digitized by our team. Permission is being sought from copyright holders to allow us to reproduce this work online and make protologues available to the research community.

Of the ~ 1,300 slipper orchid names in our database, ~250 are currently accepted according to the World Checklist. The libraries here at Kew are among the most comprehensive botanical libraries in the world, and thanks to our access to this collection, and existing digital resources, we've managed to source copies of protologues for all but 7 of these accepted names. These last remaining 7 protologues proved rather elusive. However, thanks to Rudolf Jenny of the BibliOrchidea project, four more were sourced just yesterday.

To date we have also gathered protologues for approximately 300 slipper orchid names that are currently treated as synonyms in the World Checklist - leaving us with just over 600 protologues to gather - over the half way mark!

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