Genera Orchidacearum and emonocot orchid sites of the future

To date, virtually all content on the emonocot Cypripedioideae site has come from the monographs by Phillip J. Cribb (for Cypripedium, Paphiopedilum and Selenipedium) and the treatment of Phragmipedium by Lucile McCook (1989).

Today I have uploaded some further content for the slipper orchid genera, this time using the descriptions in Volume 1 of Genera Orchidacearum. The emonocot project was granted permission by both Oxford University Press and Kew Publishing to reproduce parts of this work online. The emonocot project is committed to making genus descriptions available online for all accepted genera of Orchidaceae, and this content will be derived from published volumes of Genera Orchidacearum. An interactive key to sub-tribes is also being created in collaboration with Andre Schuiteman (RBG, Kew). In addition, new sub-tribe level Scratchpads are in the pipeline with existing communities of researchers, with the aim of creating continuously updated "web" revisions.

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