The 15th European Orchid Congress and Show, Budapest (April 12th to 15th)

Earlier this week I returned from the EOC in Budapest where I presented an overview of the emonocot project, and our work related to orchids. Other speakers included, among others, Lucienne de Witte (of the Swiss Orchid Foundation), Rudolf Jenny (BibliOrchidea), Rik Neirynck, Olaf Gruß, Michael Tibbs and Hildegard Crous (the latter both specialist growers of the southern African genus Disa), Johan Hermans, who gave a fascinating talk about the wild orchids of Madagascar, and Heiko Hentrich (Ulm University, Germany), who explained his study of Gongora quinquenervis in Costa Rica (whether the preferences of euglossine bees could be used to infer taxonomic groups within a population of this morphologically varied orchid).

A few photos from the Congress and Show are included below (photos by Gina Lolli and Ruth Bone).

Above left: En route to the conference centre from the airport. Above right: The entrance to the EOC at the Syma centre, Budapest.

Above left and right: Buying and selling orchids at the show.

Above left and right: Lucienne's talk about the Swiss Orchid Foundation (including a mention of our collaboration)

Above left: Lycaste- the subject of Rik Neirynck's talk on the the use of the internet for determination of orchid species (linked nicely to our aims at emonocot!).

Above right: A display of Pleione at the show.

Above left: A traditionally dressed Hungarian orchid community? Above right: 1st prize at the show (P. rothschildianum)

Above: Paphiopedilum rothschildianum, 1st prize winner.

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