Meeting at the Swiss Orchid Foundation, Basel.

Paul, Ed and I have just returned from two days of meetings in Basel with Lucienne de Witte of the Swiss Orchid Foundation.

Thanks to Lucienne for the great hospitality and interesting discussions. Thanks also to Peter Linder, David Basler and the ZIVIs Dominique and Rarsim.

Below are a few photos from the meeting. Lucienne and I will both be attending the European Orchid Congress in Budapest next weekend (12th to 15th April) and no doubt there will be more discussions about how the SOF and emonocot can work together. 

Top: emonocot project PI Paul Wilkin presenting an overview of the emonocot project in Basel. Below: After a long day of discussions we wandered down to the banks of the Rhine.

From left to right are: Ruth Bone (emonocot content team, Kew), Peter Linder (Institute of Systematic Botany, University of Zurich), Lucienne de Witte (SOF Curator), Ed Baker (emonocot Scratchpads team, NHM), Paul Wilkin (emonocot PI, Kew).

Top: Dominique (left) and Rarsim (right) discussing web services with Ed (centre).  Below: The beautifully restored 'Victoria' waterlily house at the Botanical Institute, Basel.

Top: A monocot! An aquatic Crinum in the Victoria house. Below: After all that hard work, a deserved Ueli Bier, or two. 

The Rhine river in Basel.


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