Paphiopedilum mohrianum, a new Slipper Orchid from Flores Island, Indonesia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Authors:Braem, G. J.
Journal:Orchid Digest
Volume:April - June
Keywords:Indonesia, Flores, Paphiopedilum, subgenus Sigmatopetalum

On the Indonesian Isle of Flores, some plants ofthe genus Paphiopedilum not belonging to anytaxon hitherto described , were recently discovered .The plants show tesselated leaves , and unifloweredreceme ; well developed lateral ears of the main lobeof the labellum, a synsepalum distinctly smaller thanthe upper sepal and a more or less semi- lunate staminodalshield . The taxon , therefore , obviouslybelongs into the subgenus SIGMATOPETALUMHallier.According to its flower morphology , the speciescould be considered an intermediate form betweenthe sections SPATHOPETALUM Pfitzer andBLEPHAROPETALUM Pfitzer , with a closer affinityto section SPATHOPETALUM.

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